Cocktail Recipes


Mermaid gin, dry white vermouth and folkington tonic combine to make a g,v&t


January 8 2022

A Gin, Vermouth and tonic recipe.

So easy! A good Vermouth will lift and work with a good gin to elevate the humble G&T.

Watermelon negroni with lots of ice in a nice straight tumbler

ITL's Watermelon Negroni

July 30 2021

Watermelon Negroni cocktail recipe.

The perfect summer cocktail.

For even more refreshment, serve over crushed ice. Or even liquidised into a sort of negroni slushie.

Strawberry Martini using In the loop English Vermouth

Strawberry Martini

May 29 2021
This fresh Strawberry Martini recipe is easy and delicious. Enjoy the sweet, pink drink for cocktails in the sunshine.
Rhubarb and fennel cocktail made with in the loop english vermouth

Rhubarb & Fennel Cocktail

May 3 2021
There is a saying if it grows together, it goes together: Sweet and sour from the rhubarb and herbaceous from the fennel, this drink is pure harmony in a glass.
New york sours made with in the loop semi-sweet red vermouth

New York Sours

April 2 2021
Kick back and enjoy our version of a New York sour. With whiskey, red wine, orange bitters and lemon juice and of course some vermouth.  Just one sip will whisk you away to a Manhattan cocktail bar
Frozen negroni made with gin and in the loop vermouth

Frozen Negroni's

April 2 2021
So the sun may have come out, and we're definitely feeling the summer vibes ... yep we get this cocktail is a little full-on summer, but its so delicious so we think you'll want to give it a try.  Beware of the brain freeze!
Popcorn sours made with in the loop dry white vermouth

Popcorn Sours

March 10 2021
In our humble opinion, a truly marvellous cocktail will impress you with its presentation, and pop your senses as you discover an unpredictable flavour - and we think our Popcorn Sours will do just that.  
Rose negroni with square ice cubes and orange slice in a straight tumbler

Rose Negroni

February 6 2021

This Rose negroni is a floral twist on our much loved bitter classic.  It packs a high spirited punch with a delicate rosy finish. 


Smokey tea sours with rolled orange peel garnish and a small sparkler in the cut glass tumbler

Smokey Tea Sours

February 6 2021
This Smokey tea sours uses Lapsang Souchong, widely believed to be the first black tea produced in China.
the corpse reviver cocktail. Golden liquid, lots of ice and fresh orange peel garnish

The Corpse Reviver

December 29 2020
This refreshing aperitif cocktail features Strega, a minty and citrusy herbal liqueur from Italy.
Fortified Fizz

Fortified Fizz

December 13 2020
Fortified Fizz is showing up with all the finesse! This new recipe is a reflection of perfection.
Christmas Spritzer

Christmas Spritzer

December 6 2020
If you are in need of a perfect cocktail to kick off your Christmas drinks, even if they might be virtually, then our Christmas Spritzers are the perfect thing.
In The Loop Winter Spritz

In The Loop Winter Spritz

November 15 2020
We are huge fans of the spritz, and they are often our summer go-to.  Winter doesn’t have to be completely devoid of refreshing, fizzy cocktails either, which is where our Winter Spritz comes in.
Cranberry Martini

Cranberry Martini

November 15 2020
Seasonal cranberries and the martini are a marriage made in cocktail heaven. The Cranberry Martini, or Crantini, are super easy to make at home.


November 15 2020
Our wintery twist on the classic negroni.  Using sloe gin in a negroni adds delicious plummy aromas, hints of almond and sweet fruity notes. It's perfect if you prefer something slightly lighter and fruity.
bartender pouring a cockail in a coupe glass from a height

Cane & In The Loop

October 11 2020
Aromas of caramel and vanilla from golden rum, paired with the fruity bitter sweetness of our semi-sweet red vermouth , create a balanced and refreshing cocktail.
Golden highball cocktail in tall glass with floating ice cubes and fresh lime wedge

Golden Highball

October 11 2020
Refreshingly complex. Perfect for a hot summers day
Lineup of Cotswold distillery whisky amaro, mermaid gin and in the loop vermouth

7 Counties Negroni

October 3 2020
Our 7 Counties negroni has become our absolute favourite for now.  Yum!
Popcorn old fashioned recipe with dry vermouth and hazelnut rum

Popcorn Old Fashioned

August 22 2020

This is one for cinema lovers.  This popcorn tasting cocktail is a delicious way to bring the movies into your home.

strawberries and cream cocktail in a martini glass garnished with fresh banana slice and a strawberry

Strawberries and Cream

August 9 2020
Bring the taste of summer into your home with this heady take on a classic combination.
Bianco refresher cocktail garnished with fresh elderflower

Bianco Refresher

June 19 2020
Vermouth, vodka and delicately floral elderflower liqueur make this a light, refreshing cocktail that’s just perfect as a summer tipple.
Americano cocktail in a highball glass with plenty of ice and a fresh slice of orange

The Americano

June 9 2020
The Americano cocktail originated at Gaspare Campari's bar in Milan, Italy in the 1860s, and gained its name because of its popularity amongst American tourists.
Paloma vermouth cocktail served in a tumbler with a salt rim and a sprig of fresh rosemary

Paloma Vermouth

June 9 2020
Vermouth, pink grapefruit and lime juice give this cocktail a real kick. Garnish the rim of your glass with salt and a wedge of grapefruit for extra punch.
Manhattan cocktail in straight tumbler with ice and garnished with a cherry still on the stalk

The Manhattan

June 9 2020
Manhattans may seem fancy, but they're one of the easiest cocktails to make. You’ll need 3 ingredients (plus a cherry garnish). The trick is selecting quality ingredients.
Classic martini cocktail in a beautiful martini glass garnished with a strawberry and some fresh mint leaves on a cocktail pick

Classic Martini

May 30 2020
Our version of the ultimate classic cocktail is stirred, not shaken. Serve your martini with a twist of lemon, an olive or even a strawberry!
Negroni in cut glass tumbler garnished with fresh orange peel


May 30 2020
The Negroni is made with equal parts vermouth, ruby red Campari, and gin and served on the rocks – dry, strong and delicious.
Vermouth and tonic served in a tumbler with plenty of ice, fresh rosemary sprig and lemon wedge

In The Loop & Tonic

May 30 2020
A drink of satisfying simplicity.  We think our vermouth pairs perfectly with Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water.