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Our journey to net zero

We are called IN THE LOOP because we keep English wine in the circular economy.

We are on a journey to net zero. Here is what we are currently doing and trying to do better:

Our philosophy

Uncompromising. It’s the thread that runs through everything we do: from how we source our ingredients and packaging materials, to the measures we take during production. All to lower our carbon footprint. These steps not only ensure that our products are created with integrity – but they also challenge us to find newer and more innovative ways to sustain our natural world. After all, we believe that more responsibility should be placed on the producer, and less on the consumer- and we want to do what’s right, not what’s easy.

Mindful Packaging

We are constantly striving to do better with our packaging to lessen our negative impact on the planet.  We source packaging materials that are either biodegradable (like our Eco-flo void filler) or have been made with reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials that are then themselves reusable or recyclable (like our FSC recycled card gift boxes).  Everything we do aims to reduce the consumption of virgin materials and the production of waste.

The Integrity of our ingredients

Our business was founded on the concept of keeping materials IN THE LOOP - starting with our base wines that are not quite perfect for English Sparkling wine, so instead are taken by us, flavoured and fortified to become Vermouth.  In this way we consciously contribute to the health of the planet by using materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.  We also grow or forage for our fresh botanicals and we never take more than needed.

Smart production 

We operate out of solar-powered premises and are careful with our water and energy usage, finding alternatives to processes that we deem too energy hungry such as the industry standard procedure for cold stabilisation.