A Brief History of Vermouth

A brief history of vermouth


Vermouth was created centuries ago, in many accounts by Hippocrates who made ‘wormwood wine’ in around 400 bce, to cure a wide variety of ailments due to the complex mix of herbs, roots, bark, flowers and other purportedly medicinal ingredients that it can be infused with.


Vermouth experienced something of a revival in the 19th and 20th century with the creation of some still well-known brands including Dolin, Martini and Noilly Prat. During this time vermouth transitioned from medicinal tonic to become a sophisticated aperitif when drunk neat and the uplifting element to many popular cocktails.


In the present day, with an increase in the popularity of gin and an understanding of its botanical nature, other botanically driven drinks have seen a rise in interest, and amongst them is Vermouth.