ITL's Watermelon Negroni

Watermelon negroni with lots of ice in a nice straight tumbler

Watermelon Negroni  Watermelon Ice Cubes  Watermelon Negroni


A handful of watermelon cubes
A mint sprig
25ml gin
25ml In The Loop Semi-sweet red vermouth
25ml Campari

Cut off a slice of watermelon, peel and dice it and and add to a shaker with the mint. Muddle awhile. Now add Gin, Vermouth and Campari and shake - no particular need for ice cubes at this point, you just want to get all the juice out of that watermelon and the freshness from the mint. Fine-strain (through a sieve) into a tumbler absolutely full with ice cubes and stir to ensure maximum chill. Garnish with mint and watermelon

A couple of Watermelon Negroni pointers:

For even more refreshment, serve over crushed ice. Or even liquidised into a sort of negroni slushie.

Basically its the perfect summery cocktail!


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