Our Product Guide

We have created a range of easy-drinking vermouths that are not too bitter to suit a variety of tastes and uses.


No. 18 Chardonnay Vermouth

This is a dry white vermouth. It is the driest, most herbally driven of the range, with recognisable notes of fresh wormwood and oregano. 


Best used to add flavour to cocktails like Gin martinis


No. 03 Pinot Noir Vermouth

This is a dry rosé vermouth. Although dry it is the sweetest in the range, comparable to a sweet rosé wine. It is also the fruitiest of the range, with lots of fresh strawberry flavour. The botanical infusions add a nod to the herbal nature of vermouth, but most noticeable are the floral tones from the rose petals.


Best drunk chilled and neat as a digestif.


No. 06 Summer Edition Vermouth

This is a dry amber vermouth and the most floral in the range, owing to the many flowers that have been used in its creation. It strikes a good balance between floral, herbal and fruit notes to encompass everything we love about summer.


Best drunk with sparkling wine or tonic water- the bubbles help release its aromas.